Saturday, December 12, 2009


New year, new home, new blog. I felt like I could use a fresh start. The idea for this blog is to stay connected with family and friends. AKA- this is going to be a baby blog!! Seriously though, it will be nice to share the trials and joys of Thomas' schoolwork, my attempts to establish our new household, and Eden's growth. Knowing you're all checking in on our new life will be a wonderful blessing. You can expect lots of pictures, video, and hopefully tales of budding friendships and spiritual growth. I'll expect lots of comments!

So without further adieu:
Our new life will begin on January 1st (fitting, no?). That is the day we pick up our good friends from Dallas, TX and start the long journey to Deerfield, IL.
Thomas and Clay will be manning the UHaul and hauling the VW Golf. With good timing they'll make it in one day or early on day two.
Eden, Cyndi, and I will be driving the Xterra and taking a more leisurely pace of two days to reach Deerfield. (WOO HOO- Girl road trip!!!) We should be arriving to an apartment filled with boxes and furniture!

Our apartment is in the heart of Deerfield, 2 blocks from the metra station, and close to downtown. Once the city thaws out a bit we'll even be walking distance to several parks and the library. Unfortunately on-campus housing is not currently available, but we are as close to campus, about a 10 minute commute in the heaviest of traffic. Thankfully our apartment agency is working with us on a short term lease so we can move on campus in the summer when/if more housing opens. Leave a comment if you'd like our new address. Our phone numbers will not be changing.

The next few weeks are a mix of trying to slow down and enjoy life as we know it and hurry up and pack and tie up loose ends. Lots of Java Jacks, Christmas baking, and nervous stomachs. If you're available on the 29th or 30th and want to help out we could certainly use help packing and cleaning!

I will leave you with the only images we've seen our new home. I don't have a floor plan, and I don't have room measurements. This should probably unnerve me, but it sort of adds to the fun craziness of this whole adventure!