Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Recap

At the end of August, Eden dropped my camera 6 inches onto a carpet, and it broke. Apparently cameras are super duper breakable. You can go ahead and judge my parenting skills for letting a toddler near enough a DSLR to break it- whoops! After a 4 week wait, I FINALLY have it back, all better. Unfortunately there were a lot of moments for which I would have really liked my camera- like EDEN'S FIRST DAY Of SCHOOL, first month in a big girl bed, and apple picking. I'm afraid I've become a camera snob, but honestly my iPhone camera does a really good job.

Aside from my lack of inspiring photos, I've also been in a blogging rut. I'm a bit lost on the direction so I'm going back to square one- just letting everyone know what we're up to, hopefully sprinkled with good recipes and cute pictures.

Let's simply start with a recap of September in photos:

First day of school for Eden was at the very beginning of September. We started with breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, Arriva Dolce (where the pic was taken), and went to Highland Park Community for a 30 minute mommy and me play group. Eden didn't look at me the whole time and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming! Thankfully the integration process ended and she gets to stay 2 hours without me twice a week now. She LOVES it. She apparently cracks her teachers up with her dance skills during music time, and she asks to go every day.

We also switched Eden to a big girl bed this month. It's been finished for months and sitting the basement, but she was adamant that she keep her crib. One random Saturday afternoon she asked if she could have it in her room. We were so excited we moved it up and rearranged everything before we remembered we had a babysitter that night! But, as expected, our generally obedient kiddo did great and has never gotten out on her own!

  (working on the bed in April)

There has been a lot of  coffee (and affogato) at Ariva Dolce. Yay Fall!

With Eden in school, I typically get to spend my Tuesday and Thursday mornings sewing. I have gotten SO MUCH DONE. When I was in Portland I visited the coolest fabric store- Cool Cottons-  where I bought a lot of fabric and a raincoat pattern. I think I'm almost caught up to my purchases and will try to take good photos soon. For now, here is a pic of Eden in her raincoat, which is apparently the perfect accessory for September Illinois weather.

Eden looks more and more like me while she acts more and more like her dad. Case in point: here is a face that she makes when she is really enjoying something, like chocolate milk straws.

Thomas gave up Krav Maga to work on his skills as a tweezer ninja:

I am organizing weekly crafts for Eden's Sunday school class, and she likes to hang them on the fridge when she gets home:

Eden traded in her crayons for watercolors, and has started filling in objects instead of randomly coloring (I'm of course ridiculously proud!).

Fall has begun!! Which means boots, sweaters, and tights. This is the (only) time of year I really enjoy fashion. Thanks to a ton of hand me downs and thrifted purchases we're ready for cooler weather!

Fall also means enjoying nature :). There are a ton of nature preserves where we live and it's fun to explore on Saturdays when Thomas can spend the day with us.

Other than the pictures I could locate to visually describe our September here are a few last highlights:
Trinity Wives Fellowship has started up and we're two chapters into Dee Breston's study on Esther. I'm enjoying the regular fellowship.
Thomas and I are still getting together with our Missional Order (Highwood housegroup from church) on Tuesdays and are enriched greatly by this community.
Thomas' semester is well under way. He is taking Systematic Theology, and guided research projects in adult education theory and a survey of the longest Phoenician/Luwian inscription. He is also working on wrapping up a paper on his summer dig in Israel, prepping for teaching Sunday school after the new year, and applying to PhD programs.
I host a weekly off-campus play group at our house on Wednesdays and have LOVED my home being filled with a million kids and moms who thrive on the weekly chats with peers.

Coming up: apple picking and pie baking, my love for pinterest, and finished sewing projects!