Saturday, July 14, 2012

Father's Day 2012

It's a bit ridiculous to start blogging again at this point! Our second daughter is due in one week and blogging will be (and obviously has been) very low on our to do list, but hopefully this is a nod at an effort to post a bit more regularly- especially since we'll have twice the cute around here to show off.

We're preparing well (we think, which probably means we're not ;) ) and are feeling excited and mostly calm as the due date approaches for our newest little one. Eden is very excited to be a big sister, wonderful friends are lined up to jump in as soon as we need them, baby clothes are washed, my hospital bag is packed, the freezer has enough food for an army. We've had THREE DATES this week- dinner alone, dinner with friends, AND a movie.We've stolen away a lot of moments as a family of three. Eden has been so well behaved the last few weeks.

If this baby were Eden, we would be waking up tomorrow and headed to the hospital (surprisingly so) to meet our daughter. But, of course she's not, so it's anyone's guess :) and thus begins the great journey of having TWO little girls and learning about all their similarities and uniqueness- I'm really excited to get to know this little girl!!

Physically we're both a bit more tired than we'd like. I'm obviously at the uncomfortable stage of 9 months pregnant and my poor sleeping habits are rubbing off on Thomas a bit. Prayer for good rest this week would be appreciated.

Thomas has really sacrificed getting ahead (or even being prepared) for starting his PhD in the Fall to be around an extra portion this summer to connect with us, offer huge support to me, and take a break.

Here's a peak of what we've been up to:

Within a week of being home from Texas we had a garage sale and Eden got to have her first lemonade stand (pink of course):

For my birthday, we got a family pass for the Botanical Gardens. Wednesday nights are Children's Music on the lawn. Fun for picnics and dancing :)

  We kept up the tradition of strawberry picking:

 We laughed a lot on mother's and father's day this year that Eden got to sleep in and eat breakfast in bed with the honored parent instead of helping out.

Sibling tour at the hopsital. Eden definitely feels special and part of the experience.

Eden got to fulfill a dream of ballet classes by attending a two day Storybook Ballet camp. She looked so grown up!! She now loves walking on her tippy toes with her hands on her hips and a looong neck.

I mentioned Thomas taking it a bit easier? He picked cherries from a neighbors tree and baked a pie one day. Delicious! 

I can't express how wonderful it's been to have this protected time with our family, and what a huge blessing it has been for Thomas to have such flexibility. He really has sacrificed a lot to give this time and rest to us and I'm so grateful for him and the ways in which he is following God's wisdom for our family and not the hectic demands of his approaching PhD. Here's this year's (and the previous for comparison) Daddy pics from Father's Day:

We'll try to keep the blog updated as our week progresses and definitely try to keep up with a few pics as our family grows :).