Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lucy's Arrival

As I got ready for this post and collected the photos it felt like a distant dream- too long ago to write about now. Lucy is 5 weeks old and it was a lifetime ago that we were in the hospital. However, I still want to share a few images for our family and close friends who are so far away- just a little taste so you can all be part of Lucy's birth experience.

Lucy Ella Middlebrook
July 20th
7 lbs 2 oz, 19 in

Having 9 months to look forward to surgery honestly did a number on me. It's fair to say that about a month out I let nerves get the better of me. God is gracious and answered my pleas for peace by sending a lot of reassuring professionals and mamas my way from all different viewpoints on c-section with honest and kind wisdom. Knowing the exact date and time of the birth seemed strange, but when the day came it was wonderful. We were prepared, the hospital was quiet and calm, our friend and pastor drove us there, and Thomas' brother Ryan was able to join us.

The fancy pants hospital (FPH) is conveniently 1 mile away from our house. I was already very familiar with it- my doctors' office is there and we took a few classes/tours prior to our stay.
We arrived at 5 am to prepare for a 7 am surgery.  Eden stayed at home with our friend/pastor's wife who happens to be Eden's favorite person ever- so she was in good hands :).
As you can see below FPH has HUGE rooms. They are an LDRP ward- so you never switch rooms during your stay (unless you go to the operating room!), so we were able to settle in before surgery.

When I was admitted I was actually having low grade contractions- another answer to prayer because I really wanted my body to start the process on its own. Surgery was so quick. We entered the OR, I got anesthesia, they quickly brought in Thomas and in under 10 minutes we had our baby! I was awake for the whole experience, had none of the bad reaction I had to the anesthesia with Eden, and got to snuggle with Lucy while the doctors (that I knew!) closed. As she came out she cried a loud lamby cry briefly and then settled into a calm alert state. She got a 9/9 on the APGAR. My first thoughts seeing her were that she looked like Eden, only fairer, and she was incredibly sweet. 

After surgery I had a BRIEF time alone in recovery while Thomas and Lucy went to the nursery to clean up and get measured. Thomas brought Lucy into the recovery room and we got to try nursing right away- so much nicer than the hours long stretch from surgery to seeing Eden. According to the nurse Lucy will be of above average intelligence because she latched in under 10 seconds! Intelligence aside- it was beautiful and relaxing and so much warmer than I thought a surgical birth could possibly be.

Recovery was a short lived experience and I was brought back to my room where Thomas was waiting and Lucy was brought in quickly. That morning is a daze- I was pretty sleepy. Lucy was sleepy and snuggly. That afternoon brought a sweet meeting of sisters and some extra time with Ryan.

We roomed in as much as possible, only sending Lucy to the nursery from 11pm - 3am each night during her fussy time in between feedings so I could make sure to get some sleep. The hospital was half healthcare/half hotel. The nurses were seriously nice and very customer satisfaction oriented. Lucy was a calm, sugary sweet bundle and we spent our days cuddling, ordering room service, napping, visiting with sweet friends, and watching movies. The food was great! Seriously missed someone else making me a hot omelet every morning when I came home :). There was a break room on our floor stocked with pudding for our pleasure which Thomas appreciated greatly.

We kept a little box of new toys and books for Eden to use when she visited and let her come up one evening for dinner and a movie (Cinderella with Brandy and Whitney!).

The FPH provides a "celebration dinner" on the night of your choice. They wheel in a large table with a tablecloth and give you a special selection of courses. VERY CHEESY but kinda cute.


My recovery was really smooth aside from a few harder days when I first came home, I really missed that hospital bed! Thomas' mom stayed with us the first week we were home and helped tremendously giving Eden special attention, doing laundry and dishes, and answering every goofy medical question I had.

I'll try to post again soon about how Lucy has grown in the past 5 weeks, but it's 10:30 PM which is 2 hours past my bedtime so I'll wrap things up with a final picture of Lucy's best facial expression: