Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First off, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for leaving such sweet comments about my potholders. Who knew kitchen textiles could create such buzz? Although I was not a grand winner, I was a finalist! Unexpectedly they awarded the 8 finalists with some pretty fabric. I'll make sure to post my loot when it arrives.

Also, hello to everyone who is stopping by from Prudent Baby! They were nice enough to post some link love for the finalists and this little blog is getting lots of visitors. I have had several requests for a tutorial for the ruffled potholder and it's in the works. It is a simple change to the pretty pot holder tutorial posted by Prudent Baby so expect it soon!
Eden has been especially cute lately. Her little personality is blossoming, mostly because she can now verbally express herself really well. Every day she is learning to be a little bit more polite and patient (and so is her mom :) ). She's getting to an age where we can have little discussions about God and Jesus, and has started asking to pray for specific friends. It's all very sweet. We try to read one Old Testament and one New Testament story a day (thanks Dudley's for the Ergermeyer's Bible Story Book!). This book is on my wish list, I think it would be a great tool for children's devotionals.

Eden is also getting to the stage where she says the funniest things. I went to wake her up yesterday morning and she gasped "run away little piggy!!" before falling back into a deep sleep. While I was at bible study tonight, she told Thomas "I not see mama. I worry about mama." as he put her to bed. She didn't make it to the potty in time last week and stopped in the bathroom door, sighed, and said "Oooohh, Eden." She tells us that things "make her feel better" or "not make her feel better" (things like chocolate milk, pants, or hugs). I could write a book, and probably should.

Although you're not all here to hear her cuteness, here are a "few" pictures so you can see some of the cuteness. Little girls are so much fun to dress!

Favorite Boots:

 Leggings are a must for winter girly girls:

  Vintage clothing is lots of fun (the white circles all contain lower case cursive letters):

  She may love dresses, but I think there might be a jeans and t-shirt girl in there somewhere:

Serious attitude and the bag lady look:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentines!

The tiding is a bit late, but I was too busy being romanced by my sweet hubby to post sooner.

I'm sort of indifferent about this particular holiday. The kitschy cards are fun and who doesn't like chocolate? But celebrating simply is usually my style. I made blueberry heart shaped pancakes and pink milk for my lovelies for breakfast and adorned each of there plates with some cute chocolate (toblerone for Thomas and a four piece assortment for Eden).

Thomas and I hadn't had a date in a while so we decided it was a good enough excuse to go out. We had dinner at a local Italian/French restaurant called Gabriel's. The interior was a bit cheesy, but the food was spectacular!

I took a little valentine's snack to playgroup the next day. Super easy- shape refrigerated breadstick dough into hearts, sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar, and sprinkles. The kids ate it up along with some strawberry applesauce.

And Thomas brought me flowers home after school :).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Weekend

Thomas left for a conference on Friday afternoon. It's customary for me to get a babysitter when he is out of town. It's actually not about getting a break during the 48 hours Eden and I are on our own. I have realized that the week following a Thomas trip feels a LOT longer, and I'm frazzled well before the next weekend comes. I need a break on the weekends to recharge.

Our babysitter was only available for Saturday afternoon, a time that was not conducive to taking a friend to dinner or a movie, so I decided I would use the time to do a bit of exploring. It might seem counter-intuitive to pay someone so I can go to a thrift store and get a deal, but it seemed silly NOT to go if that's what I really wanted to do with MY time. And really, Salvation Army is a lot more fun without a 2 year old.

I was after button down dress shirts for a skirt project. I snagged these for $1.99 each.

The plan is to turn them into a skirt similar to these found at Garnet Hill for $56.

I also grabbed four $0.99 t-shirts to use with this t-shirt to nightgown tutorial for Eden's summer PJs. Nightgowns are ridiculously expensive ($20-$26 at Carter's for their short sleeve summer gowns).

And how could I pass up a Janie and Jack sweater for $1.99?

Eden was in a great mood when I got home. She would barely let me put her down to pay the babysitter. I try to soak it up when she's cuddly because it's a rare occurrence. We spent a large chunk of the evening playing with a diaper box. I tied a piece of sting to the handle so I could pull her around. I suggested she take her princesses for a ride, thinking she would pull and I'd get a break, but she had other ideas.

And we played a lot with stacking pillows. Did anyone else do this as a kid? I remember LOVING to pile pillows into a big mound and fall on them or bury myself in them. Eden, as usual, just wanted to play naptime. That is all she does these days, plays at naptime. I can't remember the last time she slept during the day (we still do a long quiet time).

On my way home from the thrift store I stopped in Lake Bluff's shopping district. It's a small village just north of Lake Forrest (just north of us in Highwood) that I had yet to explore. The square was small, but had a few cute boutiques, a nice American bistro, a fantastic meat market, a soon to open microbrewery (the first in the North Shore), and a cute little bakery. I snatched these up to bring home as a treat for Eden.

Chocolate with Peppermint Frosting and Mixed Filled Berry. By far the best cupcakes I've had in the North Shore.

I finally got to use the cute cupcake stands my mom got me for Christmas. I have 6 in all and wish there were more little girls in Eden's neighborhood! So far it seems to just be her and Lilly in a sea of boys.

In a twist of fate, a package arrived in the morning with a cute cupcake shirt from Eden's Grandaddy and CiCi- perfect for the occasion!

Speaking of sweets. Have you guys ever had these? They are seriously good. I picked them up as potty treats for Eden (yes, we're working on it) and have been sneaking them all day.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An explanation of my lack of communication...

... and dishwashing, and sleep.
 I promise to post SOON regarding something you all care a little bit more about: our schedule, Eden's health (good by the way), Thomas' semester, etc. But for now, you'll have to bare with me for another crafty post.

I stumbled upon Prudent Baby a few weeks ago, just in time to get in on their Sewing Machine Double Down contest. They are giving away two Brother sewing machines as part of a SKILLS BASED contest. I'm not much for lottery type contests, but tell me I'm going to get critiqued and I'm all over it. Nerd much? This is in fact the first sewing contest I have ever entered. It's been going on for a month and I've only known about it for a week, so I've been busy. While I don't have any hopes of winning (there are hundreds of entries) I had a ton of fun and gained some confidence in my abilities. For a couple days at least I can still dream about a sewing machine with automatic needle down, auto threading, satin stitching, and the option to lower feed dogs. Granny nerd much??
Honestly, I have a lot of friends who would like to learn to sew/quilt and it would be amazing to have an extra machine to teach on and loan out.

Entries are due by midnight. I don't know when the judging ends. You could submit as many as you wanted. They are judged with equal importance on these 4 criteria: Originality, Style, Workmanship, and Presentation. I have presentation down, but that's about it!! I'm happy that I did my best with the time I had. I also didn't allow myself to buy any materials (aside from cheap washcloths to tear up).

Here are my entries: