Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day

In a surprising turn of events, we actually celebrated Valentines in our house! I think we were inspired by how many people shared Valentine treats with us. Maybe a little bit of it is having a 5 year old in the house ;).

Mostly, there is my mom, who LOVES holidays. She's a romantic and loves letters so Valentines is kind of a given. For a few weeks prior to February 14th, she provides the girls with a card to open everyday, and a big stack for the 14th. We also received some foam hearts from a friend. It all kind of accumulated to our table as decoration for our family's traditional way of celebrating.  We typically mark holidays (you know, the small "commercial" ones, St Patricks, etc) by having a themed breakfast. Colored milk, shaped pancakes. We try to tell the girls about each holidays origins.

Just as rare as us celebrating Valentines, is us eating donuts (though I am definitely more sad about the later). I managed to get up early enough to drag Lucy to Dunkin' Donuts before Eden woke up. The girls were super excited about heart shaped cake for breakfast!

While perusing pintrest I found this really cute idea for Eden's classroom Valentines:

Luckily Grandma had sent a matching game with sturdy cardboard hearts. There were plenty of cards to steal a dozen from and still have a game (or two) leftover. A trip to our local thrift shop proved fortunate with a dozen cars for $1.20. Cheaper than a box of store bought cards!

Eden had a party at school and after school too! It was a great day for our social butterfly. A brave mom in her class invited all the girls (9) over for pizza, playtime, and watching Jason Brown skate in the Olympics. Eden played so hard she finally knocked out her second loose tooth!

We took the girls to see the Jason Brown ice sculpture in Highland Park and then out for pancakes.

While Thomas finished putting the girls down I even managed to cook an adult dinner, one of our pre-children favorites, lamb with bearnaise sauce and spinach with roasted garlic. We ate with no whining, food throwing, or spilled drinks- and it was marvelous :).

Of course, the one thing we always take advantage of on Valentine's is buying each other chocolate!

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I hope your Valentine's was sweet and filled with people you love (and chocolate).