Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Weekend

Thomas left for a conference on Friday afternoon. It's customary for me to get a babysitter when he is out of town. It's actually not about getting a break during the 48 hours Eden and I are on our own. I have realized that the week following a Thomas trip feels a LOT longer, and I'm frazzled well before the next weekend comes. I need a break on the weekends to recharge.

Our babysitter was only available for Saturday afternoon, a time that was not conducive to taking a friend to dinner or a movie, so I decided I would use the time to do a bit of exploring. It might seem counter-intuitive to pay someone so I can go to a thrift store and get a deal, but it seemed silly NOT to go if that's what I really wanted to do with MY time. And really, Salvation Army is a lot more fun without a 2 year old.

I was after button down dress shirts for a skirt project. I snagged these for $1.99 each.

The plan is to turn them into a skirt similar to these found at Garnet Hill for $56.

I also grabbed four $0.99 t-shirts to use with this t-shirt to nightgown tutorial for Eden's summer PJs. Nightgowns are ridiculously expensive ($20-$26 at Carter's for their short sleeve summer gowns).

And how could I pass up a Janie and Jack sweater for $1.99?

Eden was in a great mood when I got home. She would barely let me put her down to pay the babysitter. I try to soak it up when she's cuddly because it's a rare occurrence. We spent a large chunk of the evening playing with a diaper box. I tied a piece of sting to the handle so I could pull her around. I suggested she take her princesses for a ride, thinking she would pull and I'd get a break, but she had other ideas.

And we played a lot with stacking pillows. Did anyone else do this as a kid? I remember LOVING to pile pillows into a big mound and fall on them or bury myself in them. Eden, as usual, just wanted to play naptime. That is all she does these days, plays at naptime. I can't remember the last time she slept during the day (we still do a long quiet time).

On my way home from the thrift store I stopped in Lake Bluff's shopping district. It's a small village just north of Lake Forrest (just north of us in Highwood) that I had yet to explore. The square was small, but had a few cute boutiques, a nice American bistro, a fantastic meat market, a soon to open microbrewery (the first in the North Shore), and a cute little bakery. I snatched these up to bring home as a treat for Eden.

Chocolate with Peppermint Frosting and Mixed Filled Berry. By far the best cupcakes I've had in the North Shore.

I finally got to use the cute cupcake stands my mom got me for Christmas. I have 6 in all and wish there were more little girls in Eden's neighborhood! So far it seems to just be her and Lilly in a sea of boys.

In a twist of fate, a package arrived in the morning with a cute cupcake shirt from Eden's Grandaddy and CiCi- perfect for the occasion!

Speaking of sweets. Have you guys ever had these? They are seriously good. I picked them up as potty treats for Eden (yes, we're working on it) and have been sneaking them all day.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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