Saturday, January 9, 2010

All Done!

Drumroll please...... Eden said “all done” at the end of dinner! It was quite shocking. We have used a hand gesture (with which we exclaim “all done”) when Eden is finished eating. A few days ago she started doing the gesture unprompted. Imagine our surprise when she jutted her cheesy little face up at us tonight and clearly said “all done”! It was one of those “we have a genius daughter” moments that makes us look like silly parents :).

And yes, we are “all done” with the apartment. Shocking too, no? Thomas has been such a hard working hero making sure that home is home before he is occupied with school. Of course, there are a few loose ends to take care of (all the boxes on the deck, making curtains for the house, artwork for Eden's room, and a shelf above my desk), but we are very comfy and cozy and baby-proofed again.

Check out our video tour!!

Unpacking a home into an apartment and making it work has taken up most of our first week here, but we have squeezed in a bit of fun. Over the last 48 hours we got almost 10 inches of snow. Thomas took the opportunity to introduce us girls to sledding- FUN!! There is a cozy park with a sweet hill (and an ice skating rink that needs to be explored) about 10 minutes away. We took Eden Thursday night and sled once. She was a little stunned so we spent time playing in the snow, and that she loved! We tried again Friday and after the fourth trip down the hill she had decided the sledding thing might not be for her, but I had decided it was definitely for me. Thanks for all the sweet winter gifts- we have all stayed quite warm and cute. Oh, and there has been pizza. LOTS of pizza. Giordano's AND Lou Malnati's. Trust me, the cold and snow is worth it. And gelato (which we ironically found out was made in Dallas). And last night I got to watch Julie and Julia with my sweet husband (his idea! lucky girl, huh?).

Sunday is our first church visit, Monday is orientation, and Wednesday is the first day of class. Stayed tuned to see how it goes!


  1. Oh you guys did SUCH a fantastic job with making your apartment fashionable and functional-love it! You should be proud for sure!
    Glad you're settling in...and can I get your address?

  2. thank you!! i loved seeing the video and seeing how it all came together. definitely looks like a cozy cute little home. and that's a lot of snow, wow!! miss you guys!

  3. Wow, Katie and Thomas and Eden! This is a great video...I feel like I've been over for a visit. Thank you for the hospitality! I know this has been a challenge, and you are up to it! Being away from home really draws you close together. Stay warm, and happy. Love you guys! Wanda

  4. You all look so wonderful! Who cares about the absolutley adorable apartment you have created!
    We love you and miss you. Kisses to the baby!
    Cyndi and Clay