Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our April took us from a slower pace straight into a sprint. Not only is it FINALLY NOT SNOWING and we can play outside, we are trying to spend lots of time with friends who are leaving, joining into new ministries, figuring out travel plans for the summer, and preparing final papers and exams (of course the last is all Thomas, but I do supply some very important technical support like a full belly and clean pants). That along with many birthdays, baby showers, births (12 babies here or on their way!), meals for new moms, and trying to keep up with weekly phone calls to family makes me feel like I'm barely scratching the surface in most of my relationships. All of these activities bring us great joy, but they leave little time to be still.

I feel disconnected and out of touch with those I would claim as my closest friends/family.  Life is moving really fast and I can't seem to carve out time or space for those relationships to be fostered.  But honestly, the end of the semester is exhausting, and all my extra time and energies are focused on my relationship with Thomas and Eden, and I feel like there is little left.

When I sat down to write this entry, that was not at all what I intended to say. It kind of gushed out. This blog started as a way to update our close friends and family on our lives in Illinois. I suppose I want to apologize for being so checked out the last month when what I wanted so desperately to do was send  packages to you all full of Eden's drawings and little notes of how she reminds us of each of you or loves the toys you gave her at Christmas or boxes with sweet handmade baby items or new recipes we've loved trying.

Part of the disconnected feeling comes from a January-May span that has passed without any face to face contact with anyone I've known longer than 1.5 years. We are feeling a bit more grounded. We have close relationships here, we know people's back stories, we can ask favors, prayers, and cry on shoulders of many new friends. I just haven't figured out long distance relationships yet, after all, I'm still a newbie. Thankfully, there are trips to Texas on the horizon, and a very fun trip with a good friend to Portland. Yep! I get to take a girly vacation. I'm pretty ecstatic- you know- the jump up and down and scream like a little girl kind of excited.

So, can you forgive me for being scatterbrained during a period where you should all be doted upon? I'm sure you can. I won't kid myself too much and think I wasn't always a bit scatterbrained.

What I intended to write about is how blessed I am to be in a small group made up of Trinity wives that live in our town. There's roughly 9 of us. And 5 are pregnant. Well scratch that, 4 pregnant, 1 with a two week old.  After missing out on WAY too many opportunities to spoil friends and family with showers, I jumped at the chance to help out with this one and we threw it at our place.

There were 5 honored guests and a mix of genders, prompting a generic theme. Spring is HIGHLY celebrated here so fresh flowers and bright colors were in order.

Garlands were made from Moda's Urban Chicks Dream On line (so far my all time favorite). I found some fun vintage sheets on Etsy for tablecloths, and got some green and aqua striped straws from Shop Sweet Lulu.

We served Martha's Lavender Infused Lemonade (I think we ended up quadrupling the amount of water in the recipe).

After following Sweetapolita for a while (absolutely incredible), I was excited to finally try my hand at one of her cakes. This Triple-Lemon Blueberry Cake baked like a charm, although I couldn't get my icing as smooth as hers. It was delicious.

Appliqued Onesies made from second hand onesies and scrap fabric made for a quick, cute, and cheap craft.

It was fun to spoil some very deserving ladies!


  1. oh my goodness everything you do is adorable. :) and i miss ya too! hopefully portland will be less rainy by the time you get there!

  2. I found your blog via looking up pattern woes for Wee Wonderful's Koji (I'm trying to make one for my youngest) on the flickr group. I began reading and looking at your photos (nice!). I guess what you said about feeling disconnected resonates with me. We too, made a long-distance move from New England to the midwest (almost 4 1/2 years now) and it still feels odd. Don't worry about those feelings...your family and friends continue to care for & love you. And most importantly, God is with you - let Him be your strength. New friendships are difficult to forge but time helps a lot!

  3. Oops - forgot to mention - that cake looks delicious - thanks for the link.