Sunday, August 29, 2010


A few mornings ago we had to treck down to Glenview, about a 20 minute drive, to take Eden to her pulmonologist. I HEART Dr. Boas. Good thing is Eden has been in great health this summer!  Not so good news, the nurses and doctor put a little fear in me about the upcoming 8 weeks. Hopefully the year we've had Eden on a maintenance steroid will help this flu and cold season be better than the last. Prayer for good health as well as fast recoveries from any snivels are greatly appreciated!

Thanks to some show and tell with Mousical (the ever so cute ikea stuffed mouse), Eden was a much better patient. We treated her by eating lunch out and going to a local park. Our lunch spot was Chopped Up- a salad version of marble slab. You choose salad, toppings, dressing, it's thrown in a bowl and then onto a marble slab and chopped up. You can then get it wrapped in a tortilla if you want. Champagne vinaigrette anyone? Totally delicious!

The park is best described in pictures. We were shocked that not only was it free, but it wasn't busy at all!

The park was arranged in a circle grid. The center was a small open space surrounded by a wooden trellis (seen below) with lots of benches. Extending out from that were play stations:

 One was a hedge maze. It was so simple that Eden could do easily work her way through:

There was also a very toddler friendly castle playground:

A large sand pit with awesome statues:

And Eden's favorite- the water towers:

Here is some technical information for local mom's interested:
    The park is across the street from the Glen shops (just past Kohl Children's Museum) in Glenview.
    There are plenty of areas for picnics.
    There are ample and clean public restrooms.
    Lots of free, close parking.
    I am fairly certain that pets are not allowed.

Anyone want to plan an outing??

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  1. You are right that is seriously the coolest park ever!! How lucky you are!!