Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ren Fest Recap

We headed to the Bristol Renaissance Fair this weekend. It is very similar to the Texas Renaissance Fair, but just a bit less, mmm, passionate. It is much closer for us, only 30 minutes away, along the Wisconsin/Illinois border. Unlike camping, this was an activity that was more fun with a toddler. We dressed up a bit. I wore some blue, gypsy wrap pants, funky jewelry, and some glittery makeup. Thomas wore a celtic pirate outfit. Eden was a little pixie.

It was perfect weather- high 60s, low 70s and very sunny. As always, there were a lot of fun shows. We caught Barely Balanced Acrobatic Daredevils, Gypsy Geoff the Flame Juggler, and Jousting. I also took Eden on a few rides. This is one place where there were a LOT of under age 2 kid friendly rides. Our favorite was the pony!

This was actually her second round and she's a bit less excited, but still very happy. She loved petting the ponies after the ride was over.

Eden loved all the people in costume, even the large troll who wanted to eat her (until he noticed her boogers).

So, yeah, boogers. We only made it 3 days into September without getting sick. Here's hoping (and praying a lot) that our plan of action keeps this cold quick and mild!


  1. Such a cute little booger! She's getting so big!!

  2. I love the Ren Fest. We live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and we often go. Didn't make it this year (we refuse to go after the State Fair is over because it gets too busy). :)

    It looks like fun. The festival worker holding your girl is cute. :)