Monday, September 6, 2010

Cookie Faced

The beginning of the semester has definitely been busy for Thomas (I will get him to write a post soon on his schedule), but it has actually been pretty busy for me too. Trinity Wives Fellowship has created a subdivision called Trinity Moms Ministry, which is very exciting. I have been doing the flyers/brochures for all of the events, of which there are a lot! Playgroups, prayer meetings, informational talks, baby and me support groups, and moms night out. We had a kick off party the first week to introduce the new events and get to know new moms on campus. It was definitely weird being considered one of the older members (very few people come in January like we did and it creates a weird fit). It's hard for me to get out of my box and relax while socializing at this type of event, luckily I got to use one of my better skills which is bringing the food :). I made Chocolate covered marshmallow cookies and had a few left over.

So I brought them home. Thomas had a few and there was one left.

Somebody around here makes the BEST faces when eating chocolate cookies:

And here are a few from a cookie event in June that are too good not to post.....


  1. Cookie monster!
    Aunt Anna

  2. She seriously loves her chocolate cookies, doesn't she!! Absolutely precious.

  3. I don't usually get on blogs, but I popped in today. She is so big!! But still adorable :) hope y'all are doing well!
    ~Sarah McClure