Thursday, October 13, 2011

Garnet Hill Skirt Knock Off

I hope you all enjoyed Thomas' first post on his trip to Israel. LEAVE A COMMENT - it'll probably encourage him to do his second installment sooner.

In the meantime, I've been digging through the pics on my computer and thought I might share a simple recycle project that I first mentioned back in February. It of course took me until July to sew, and until October to share :). 

Here's the inspiration photo from Garnet Hill. I thought these were so cute! But way too pricey at $40 a skirt.

At a local Salvation Army I looked for a man's shirt- something bright with a strong pattern. Although, this wasn't quite what I was hoping for, at $1.50 (it was half price green tag day) it was a steal for an experiment.  Add $1 worth of elastic and less than that in thread, and you have a fantastic substitute for a $40 skirt.

If you sew, have kids, and like clean design, you probably already read MADE, but if you don't check it out! Dana has great taste, a wonderful photographic eye, and a ton of fun, free tutorials. For this project I used her Simple Skirt tutorial.

Do you like how I don't iron before I sew? I get more done this way :).

This really was a super fast skirt pattern. I added some pockets like the inspiration skirt. Eden LOVES pockets. They are perfect for all the rocks and flowers she collects. Seriously- does anybody else's kid think that rocks are the coolest things ever?

The only tweak that would have made it closer to the inspiration (aside from a brighter, bolder print) would be to replace the buttons with some bright colors. Maybe next summer :).

I mentioned that I finished this skirt in July- which was when Thomas was in Israel. Eden did GREAT all things considered for a two year old whose dad is overseas for a month; however, she had a few, hmmm, "behavior flare ups" and they really came across in her desire to not be cute for pictures.

I think she failed :). My little wild thing.

This is what happens when you teach them to roar before they can even talk.

Well- at least she eventually stopped growling :).


  1. um. wow. SO CUTE. i love the skirt!!!
    if you keep posting things like these, eventually, i might have to take up sewing (I can't sew, at all). oh wait, i have no little girl with cute curls to sew for. hm.

  2. Irene- I would love to teach you if you want to know! And MADE has a TON of cute tutorials for little boy things :).

  3. Very inspiring! I think I might go raid Jason's side of the closet. He has a few shirts with threadbare collars that would make adorable skirts for Zuzu.

  4. Oh adorable! Love the skirt. Gosh, she looks SO grown up in that last photo!!

  5. LOVE THIS! I will have to give it a try.

  6. woooow!!! i checked out their website and SO CUTE. and so scary!!! the sewing machine looked like ...big scary machine with needles!

  7. You guys are all so very sweet :)

  8. I hope next time the hole family comes to visit Israel.