Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little throwback...

...to my old reason for blogging. I read a lot of blogs. A LOT. Probably too many. Ok, too many. The DIY movement has swept the nation and there are 100s of talented designer moms out there who make beautiful things and take gorgeous pictures and talk about their children eating crayons because they were too busy sewing to notice. How could I not read these blogs? I've described it to Thomas before as having a daily subscription to the most interesting magazine ever- completely centered around my favorite things. I too want to share what makes my own little world magical- paints, fabrics, Eden, Thomas, baking, etc. My current secret (for five more seconds) desire is to find a used cheap cheap SLR camera and learn to take better pictures. My dining room table is covered in gesso, a tackle box of tools, butterfly patterns, fabric, snow-day cookies, and tissue paper pom poms.

Some days I feel like this is all silly- that the world is not a very sunshiney crafty place and I should be spending more time and effort on other, more helpful pursuits. A pastor at one of the churches we recently visited stated that a God given talent is not the same as your spiritual gift. I agree with him, although it may be the same for some. I struggle with ways to use my craftiness for His glory, but if I put creating anymore on the back burner I would never have time for it. God obviously gave me creative ability and it should be used. The aformentioned blogs are starting to open doors for such endeavors- fundraisers for Haiti relief, blankets for orphans, etc. A lot of the bloggers are Christian and offer wonderful, daily encouragement.

Well, anyway, this blog entry was begun with the intention of introducing you to some of my favorite blogs and also to some tutorials I'm itching to try out.

Amazing nursery mural via ZoeJo

Recycled Crayon tutorial via Sharing the Love on Flickr

Chocolate Pudding Pie via Smitten Kitchen

Headband tutorial via calico

Wouldn't this be adorable done over a little toddler bed?
Embroidered Headboard tutorial via DesignSponge

I know SO many pregnant women
Cute Maternity Style via Design Mom

Maply Syrup Pancake Muffins via Joy the Baker

I love this kitchen, and she has my rug!
The rest of her house is also gorgeous and she has great photography.
via Meadowbrook Farm

My absolute favorite photo shoot of all time.
This was an inspiration shoot based on a true proposal story.
Created by Merriment featured on Once Wed (a fantastic wedding photography blog, and yes, Jill has been featured there!)

Other fun blogs to check out if you like design/photography/craft:
[i] love life
Craft Hope
Design Mom
Whatever (my personal favorite)
Sweet Designs: A Blog by Amy Atlas
Making it Lovely

Thanks for sneaking a peak at what's inspiring me! Unless you leave comments begging me to never, ever torture you like this again I'll probably start sharing inspiration of this sort a weekly thing. Goodnight!


  1. Awesome!! i'm so addicted to blogs. right now my favorites (non wedding-photography) are SFGirlByBay.com, Apartment Therapy, and I've just discovered http://tinyhouseblog.com.

    I think you could use your crafting for a lot of good...blankets/clothes for charity, fundraising, making half-way homes or children's centers more inviting, baking for shutins....and don't forget that making your home the perfect place for Thomas and Eden is also a work of the heart. :)

  2. I am so glad that you have had the epiphany that it is such a wonderful gift for you and others to use yoru creativity more often. You have such great talent and brighten so many lives with it. Just think about Ilene and how happy she was with your cake.
    Maybe you could do that! A cake ministry; take neighbors cakes (safe ones, of course) and do a little life ministry.
    I think your creativity is suc an expression of you and I could not imagine you shutting off that wonderful flow that blesses the world!
    Love ya!
    Waiting on your next adventure,