Monday, February 8, 2010

Show mommy how the piggy eats...

I am officially a mother. My child's hair has been in her eyes AND IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! I refuse to cut it because we curly headed girls have a really hard time pulling off bangs outside of the 80s. It will eventually get long enough to fix and I know I just need to wait it out, but in the meantime I've been unsuccessfully trying every clip/bow/barrette/rubber band to tame the madness. This would be a lot easier if she would just wear headbands! Using rubber bands doesn't help, because the hair in front is not long enough; however, the pigtails were so cute I had to share. After weeding out the 50 pictures I took, here are the best. It is almost impossible to capture the cuteness with my pathetic camera skills. She looked like Boo from Monster's Inc and seemed a whole year older.

The best pictures we got were while she was eating. (disclaimer: spaghetti night means eating without a shirt)

I am including this photo to show one of those brief moments that Eden reminds me tons of my sister. It happens once every few days. Maybe no one else will see it, but the straight brown hair and profile in this picture remind me so much of Jill as a little girl. Sorry Jill that it happened while she was shirtless, eating with her hands, and covered in spaghetti. For the record, you were always very dainty, especially at mealtime, but you did love your tongue :).


  1. awwww!! i love the little pigtails. and I agree, sometimes her profile with her little nose & mouth look just like me! though I think i have some equally messy photos of me eating...I can't have been that dainty!

    shirtless spaghetti sounds like a fabulous idea. seriously, so many avoided stains. :)

  2. Shirtless spaghetti night is smart!