Monday, April 19, 2010

Carpe Noctem!

Our silly girl is learning how to say many new words, but most of the time Eden does not appreciate the importance of enunciation.  "Please" often comes out as: 'stz, and the like.  Every once in while, though, she will say something crystal clear and with a grown-up accent, e.g.  "All done."  It shocks you each time.

Anyhow, she has been sputtering out her gibberish all evening.  Katie's away at Bible study and it's just the two of us.  Of course, that means we're getting into trouble and generally wearing each other out.  Sleepy time came in a hurry and Eden voluntarily hopped into the chair in which we read bedtime stories.  Tonight we read A Star So Bright, an intricately painted landscape of all the animals who marvel at the Star of Bethlehem, and In the Night Kitchen, concerning a, um *bare-cheeked* lad who almost gets baked into a cake but ends up saving breakfast after all. [Incidentally there is a phone number in one of the illustrations that is drawn on the label of a jar in the Night Kitchen.... I called it in the real world and got the answering machine of one Maria... I wonder if it was/is Mr. Sendak's (the author) home?] By the end she sweetly kissed me and nuzzled in for the nightly litany of hymns and lullabies. After she was snagged by the sleepy fairy, I laid her in the crib.  Lying on her back, she looks up at me with suddenly open eyes and says as clear as day, "Bye-bye." I blink. again. Then say, "G'nite sweet-heart" after which she finally breaks our gaze and curls up with Ducky.

I'm often stunned how much she grows when I'm not looking; golly, even when I am looking!  I feel that I may turn around and she'll be carrying on conversation.  And I can't even imagine what little Keiran and Sophie are up to these days. Attention: Do not grow up any more till I get home to see ya'll. Okay? G'nite family.

pic o' the evening:

and yes, there is a big ole grin behind that cookie.


  1. To Ryan and Anna's lil' Blueberry: you are exempt from the "no growing up" rule. Feel free to come anytime you get good and ready.

  2. too cute! i can't wait to hear her chatting away. :)

    and I can't believe you called the number! i'm surprised you didn't start up a conversation and find out if she knew sendak. :)

  3. Mama wants blueberry to come next week! Do you think she will obey this young?