Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home.. at least for a little while longer

We're home! I have a lot to share about our 4 week vacation in Texas. Thomas and I drove down May 14th and he flew back a week later. Eden and I stayed behind for another three weeks to play with Kilsyth Jane (our new niece) and all the grandparents and to drink copious amounts of Java Jacks coffee. This is only my second full day home and I'm pretty beat so for this post I just want to brag on my daughter for being the most awesome traveling toddler. Ever.

Here's a snapshot of the morning we left Illinois. It was 5:30 am and Eden wanted all of the stuff from her crib to come with her.

A lot of people were worried about the drive Eden and I faced for the trip home. Me + Toddler + 16 hours trapped in a car =  *gasp* totally manageable. We ROCKED the socks off  HWY 55, not so much Interstate 294- but that was only 40 minutes at the very end. I dare say I would do it again.

I also want to briefly mention that in grand Katie and Thomas "pile life on when things get crazy" fashion- we're moving soon! I just got back from 4 weeks in Texas, Thomas just started his 4th week of a 6 week intensive Hebrew 1 & 2 summer session, and we've only been in our apartment for 6 months. We enjoy the small space we're in, but have realized that we need more space for Thomas to work. Luckily, we found the first story of a cute house for rent- with access to a basement that Thomas can use as an office. Man Cave! We are moving on a Wednesday and Thomas finishes class on Thursday- so we get a moving company- YAYAYAYAYAY. The next couple weeks will be dedicated to packing up our apartment and generally trying not to explode from excitement about the coolness of our new place. There is a park directly across the street, the community is ultra old school italian, there is a bocce ball club, two Italian grocers, 1 french, 1 american, and 2 italian bakeries, and our favorite fancy restaraunts, and an indian food hole in the wall. Did I mention it's all within 0.5 miles walking distance of our house?? 7 minute commute to campus. The beach is 1.5 miles away!! And our landlord is from Italy. SUPER EXCITED.

More Texas' tales to come, stay tuned!

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