Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Texas Part II

One of the most exciting things about our trip to Texas was meeting the newest member of our family- our niece Kilsyth Jane Middlebrook, and oh my, she is the sweetest thing! Thanks to Eden's Mamere I even got a few days to spend alone with her (and her mommy of course). Anna was such a huge blessing for me when Eden was an infant and it was incredible to be able to do a little for her. When Eden was around, she was a super awesome cousin, making sure baby Kilsy was covered up and had a pacifier at all times. Oh, and pointing out her little ears, nose, and toes.

We even realized they had matching outfits:

Oh, and she does this awesome thing with her eyes when she is in her carseat?

Did I mention the enormous amount of coffee drinking? We spent most mornings lounging on Java Jack's couch, drawing with crayons, and chatting with locals and old friends.

It was really nice to visit my old paintings (so excited that they've moved them all into the main room), have nice barristas, and drink a decent latte with coffee art.

After a bit of searching and talking to locals, we have found that there are a few coffee shops in Highwood (our future home). They're a bit smaller- bakeries and small grocers that sell cappuccinos and have a few  tables- but hey- if they're nice, the coffee tastes good, and it's not Starbucks it'll be a big improvement on our current spot. Java Jack's, you're a hard act to follow.

Back to Kilsyth- as soon as we heard Anna and Ryan were on their way to the hospital and to be expecting her soon, I started on a present. Not being there was driving me crazy so I distracted my self with pretty fabrics and prayed for all her little toes and fingers while I worked on a blanket. The inside is pink minkie fabric (the really soft fuzzy kind with raised dots). Her parents kept her name a secret until her birth.A few hours after she was born I put on the finishing touches and shipped it off to her.

I'm already missing my daily updates on her sleeping schedule and hearing her cute little noises. I almost feel like a baby person now :).

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  1. Sleep update: KJ slept from 11 to 6 last night! What a fabulous baby. We think it's her special Aunt Katie blanket that helps do the trick!