Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Can you believe it's only Thomas' second father's day?? If I look at Eden, it's not too hard to believe. She'll be a mere 19 months in two days, and is still so small and new. But if I think about how much living we've done since Thomas became a father it feels so much longer. He's also quite a natural at being an awesome dad so it appears that he has had years of practice.

At this time last year, Thomas was contemplating leaving Red Suspenders. We were fairly certain that we'd be sticking around Nacogdoches for another year, we were both brainstorming about where we'd work during that time, and Thomas was looking into grad schools for August 2010 admission. Well Thomas did quit, we took a family road trip, and Trinity convinced us to advance our time tables. A year later, we've sold our home, made new friends, are 1/5+ done with Thomas MA, and are packing for move #4 in our 4 year marriage.

Which is why I couldn't find the original letters to continue this little tradition (yes, we've done it twice, it's tradition):

Still pretty cute, no?

I will say, each time we've done this I felt like it was a complete failure until I laid the pictures out. Eden didn't want to sit still when she was 6 months, and she doesn't want to sit down now either. (Notice how at 6 months Eden still had to be propped up with pillows?? Crawling at 5 months, sitting up at 7, that's our girl). The pictures are a bit blurry, but all the attitude adds charm.

Thomas- thanks for being an amazing dad. You juggle all your roles with grace and never complain. All you out there who think this is a hyperbole, it's not. He NEVER COMPLAINS. In fact, I think he rather enjoys it :).Everything you do is for your family's benefit and Eden is so blessed to have you as a father.

This sounds like someone else I know..... oh yeah... my dad!!! Daddy I love you too. What great men I have in my life, and what great examples of God's love for Eden.

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