Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finished Projects

The list of projects I have is growing faster than the dishes in my sink - it's quite possible that the two are connected. Currently in various stages of progress I have: 3 quilts, 1 set of curtains, 2 gifts for babies, 1 skirt, 2 pillows, 1 painting, 1 illustration, and a million other ideas. I think I'll feel some sense of accomplishment if I share what I have completed.

As part of Eden's room redo I made her a new quilt. I knew I wouldn't have much time so I drafted a super simple pattern consisting of three large rectangles (2 blue + 1 floral on the front, 2 floral + 1 blue on the back). I used the fitted sheet from the re-purposed set previously used for her crib skirt and some super cheap solid cotton. I added her name by first cutting the letters out of cotton fabric, gluing them down with a temporary fabric glue stick, and finally stitching around the inside of the letter 1/4" from the edge. Once washed, the glue dissolved and the edges frayed. It's a really simple and cute look that I'll use again. The binding was hand sewn out of yellow gingham cut on the bias.

A couple weeks ago I spotted a a ridiculously cute vintage floral pattern on sale for $1.99/yard. It merited purchasing the Heidi and Finn Pinafore Pattern from Etsy. This was so easy! Once all the pieces were cut it took 2 hours to sew the whole project. The pocket construction was the only difficult part. The pattern is either incomplete with regards to the pleating or I am too novice to know what they mean. Also, I chose corduroy for the pockets and they do not hold a pleat once ironed. After these photos were taken I tacked them down. Doesn't their Sunshine Dress Pattern look like fun too?

Anybody working on something fun??

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