Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make Do and Mend

Here is a sneak peak at some of things I am doing to change up Eden's nursery. I loved how we had her room decorated in Texas, but it was very babyish. It became apparent soon after our move that our change in location corresponded with a big change in Eden, and she needed a more playful and fun space. To be honest, it's not looking so spectacular. I forgot the number one rule I have for decorating (this is at least how I function): Pick art first, then decorate. We have been trying to be financially savvy and I wanted to do as much as I could for $0. So far I have purchased $5 in tissue paper and $6 in fabric. Unfortunately it's looking like an $11 redo :(. The artwork I want to use is not blending with the free repurposed materials I had at my disposal. I'm hoping when it all comes together it looks a little more cohesive, but don't brace yourselves for a surprising before and after!

A twin sheet (we no longer have a twin bed) used to make a crib skirt:

Her old brown curtains revamped to bring some brightness into the room:

Cardboard box used as a base for a hanging mobile:

Piecing old batting scraps together for a new quilt. Sorry for the bad pic. Basically it required a lot of hand basting which totally worth the time and labor instead of spending the $25 for new batting:

The top sheet of the sheet set used for crib skirt being quilted:

Most of my time and effort has been spent sprucing up Eden's room, but I've snuck in a few projects around the apartment. These have also revolved around not spending money when possible. There's a print on etsy with the phrase "Make Do and Mend" and I feel like it's my personal mantra lately.

Curtains added to our living room. The color helps so much and so does covering up the unsightly air conditioner. I saved money by using the width of the fabric as the width of the curtain instead of making them fuller. Admittedly the $30 extra bucks for twice as much fabric might have been worth it:

A tv cover ordered by Thomas and made from fabric in my stash pile:

My first project from the Alabama Stitch Book. This is a hand-sewn headband made from old t-shirts. It was a birthday present for Katerine.
The top layer is painted:

Then layered with a darker fabric underneath by stitching around the edge of each painted section. After stitched, the center of each painted space is cut out to reveal the fabric below:


Spring break started for us today and it's sunny outside! Thomas and I are about to head to the library with our little one to check out some workout videos and pay my $3 fine (oops). Looking forward to family workouts and extravagant home cooked dinners with friends (which will require more family workouts) this week. Hope you all have exciting fun around the corner!

Coming up- blog inspiration and March rewind pics of Eden :)


  1. O wow...what great projects! Super cute crib skirt!

  2. Looks like things are going great! I am always impressed with your artwork and very impressed with your frugality (sp?).
    Love ya!