Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Eden and I packed our bags and headed to Muncie, IN yesterday in search of quality girl time. My friend Emily is on spring break this week, and even though she is in the middle of writing her dissertation proposal she made a little time and room for us in her busy life. 

Eden made it through the 5 hour trip there and back with flying colors. She listened to some funk and carried on conversations with her my little pony with a goofy smile plastered on her face almost the whole way. It's becoming apparent that our little girl likes to travel and the realization has my head spinning with plans. 

There's nothing quite as rejuvenating as staying up until 3 am with your college roommate while giggling and over-analyzing every possible detail of your lives (and of course brownie sundaes and a glass of wine are nice additions). Eden even slept until 10! In all fairness to you toddler moms who hate me right now, Indiana is an hour ahead, it was like I put her to bed at 8pm and she slept till 9am which is still pretty much awesome. Waking up to her sweet little voice and rolling over to see the 10:12am lit up on the clock was like Christmas morning, only maybe better.

I love that although family seems so far away there are still people I adore in reasonable driving range.

I love Eden's new shoes.

I love all the tiny ethnic grocery stores that now surround me (Eden and I have been exploring). Like this Italian Food Mart:

I love blood orange juice (we discovered it on our honeymoon in Italy) and the fact that Poeta's stocks it: 

I love the cute little homemade lasagna's at Poetas (this was about the size of 1.5 Katie hands) and the fact that the owner's neice sells this and a million varieties of homemade pastas:

I love this idea on Bake It Pretty's blog:

I almost love it enough to wish someone would get sick so I have an excuse to make them and wrap it up with some tea and a note about spoofuls of sugar:

I love my husband and I'm so glad to be home!


  1. I also love Eden in the back of the blood orange juice picture! hahah! So cute!

    Oh, and I promise to take copious pictures for you this weekend :-)

  2. Hello, I am new to your blog! I love the name Eden it is beautiful~& she is so cute:)
    & the picture of her tiny shoes is great!

  3. Bought blood oranges the other day in honor of you!
    Love ya!

  4. Cyndi- YUM!! I need to stalk Whole Foods for them so I can make blood orange and tomato pizza (something we had in italy)- just have to figure out how to make them less juicy before baking....