Monday, March 22, 2010

Eden Update!

Eden doesn't seem to be changing as fast to us these days, but I know it's because we see her all the time!  Here are a few pics from March:

Eden still has trouble drinking from a cup UNLESS it's her super girlie teacup :) What a lady!

Eden is copycatting us  A LOT these days. After holding her down and mercilessly giving her raspberries Eden decided to torture her own baby:

Did I mention lots of copycatting?

Spring is finally here! We took Eden to the local park to celebrate (an 8 minute walk from our apartment!). They have an awesome small jungle gym specifically for toddlers.She LOVES the slide:

Her hair is getting pretty long and looks AWESOME after naptime:

Sweet smiles:


  1. I so remember that look when you used to get up from sleeping at our house! Thanks for the smiles you give me with this blog. Jean

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  3. Jean- I think I STILL look like this when I wake up from a nap!

  4. So I have finally decided to comment on your blog. Only becuase I can totally relate to "torturing" baby dolls (although it was the Barbies that suffered in my home). Eden is ABSOLUTLEY, OVER THE MOON GORGEOUS!!! She is a perfect mix of you and Thomas. And I love the curls. Hope ya'll are doing well.

    Much love,

  5. Hi Meredith! I could probably create an entire post based on ways Eden tortures her "much loved" baby doll. we are, in fact, doing well. It's been nice to keep up with your house project via facebook! Thanks for commenting- we love to know who's out there :)

  6. Her legs are so long!