Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baking Inspiration

Of course in the middle of a major sweets cutback I start running across the most awesome baking ideas! Since I won't be enjoying them anytime soon, I'm hoping one of you will try them out for me.

It's surprising that as many blogs I read I don't have many baking/cooking blogs. Recently I have stumbled across two that I giddily added to my reader: Joy the Baker and Sprinkle Bakes.

 Thomas and I are suckers for anything avocado. My favorite lunch is a wheat bagel hulled out, filled with diced tomato, garlic and basil, topped with avocado and mozarella, and baked for 5 minutes. We've also made avocado gelato :). I haven't told Thomas about this yet because I didn't want to tease him. Joy shows it served with blood orange and grapefruit slices topped with whipped cream. YUM!

Avocado Pound Cake from Joy the Baker

Another new blog fave is from Heather Baird at Sprinkle Bakes. Not only does she seem to have me in mind when she picks out every single recipe, but she also takes great photos. I think I could substitute this soup for dinner:

The cupcake fad is still going strong and Meri Meri has designed a series of cupcake decorating kits that make me want to throw birthday parties for all the kids I know.

Luckily for my healthy eating goals, all the cute cupcake bakeries seem to be far far away from Deerfield. Next time I need celebration and adventure I want to head down to Bleeding Heart Bakery- an organic bakery in Oak Park. Check out the blueberry basil cupcake below! Makes me think of Texas :).

So come on, share your current baking crushes with me, I need to live vicariously through the sweet tooth of others!


  1. Yum!! The avacado pound cake sounds delicious!! I've been pretty good...I have a cupcake shop a block away but I try not to go more than once a month. You need to start taking photos of all the delicious things you cook!!

  2. hey there! i am in your indie biz class! and just wanted to stop by your blog :) i too have a sweet tooth, but have the healthy food goals to keep in mind. i love love LOVE molasses cookies and made my own recipe for them :) also if you love banana bread, i have a recipe that is wonderful to curb that sweet tooth!

  3. Anything chocolate seates me nowadays....