Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Rewind

This was a doozy of a day. Eden has had a cold and she has been such a trooper! Unfortunately it caught up to her and she was miss grouchy pants all day. For posterity sake I photographed the beginning of what turned into a 20 minute tantrum (I think I'll spare you the photos). In the middle of playing with a book she flattened out on the carpet, buried her face, and sobbed loudly. If you tried to touch her she only sobbed harder and then gave you evil eyes. This was the pattern for the majority of the morning and afternoon. I should have known the direction the day was headed when it started with breaking a raw egg on my bare foot. Thomas spent a little extra family time with us tonight and even took me for Chai tea at Starbucks. I love this man.

Thomas is pushing through what has been a very stressful and busy week and with a huge sigh of relief will be through with the majority of this semester's work by Thursday. I get to have a little girl time on Friday night (yes I have a girl to do girl time with!- pedicures and Julie and Julia) and Thomas will hopefully get to play some disc Friday for the first time since moving.

I have a lot of finished projects to share, but I also have a lot of new projects in the works. When I can pry myself away from my sewing table I'll photograph them with my lovely new camera and share all.

For now I'll share some March rewind photos that I've had fun cooing over this month. Enjoy!

Eden- March 2009

She was hip before the rest of the indie world went nuts about mustaches:

First morning finding her in a drastically different position than we left her, we're were so goofy excited:

Ducky was and is still her best friend:

St Patty's Day with Grandpa:

She would wear headbands (that has changed). This was my favorite:

I'm glad some things change, she used to hate it when I sang:

What a sweet girl we have!:

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