Saturday, March 27, 2010

News Update

Our blog has been a bit photo heavy and story light lately. Honestly, this is how I prefer things. I'm the kid who grabs the book with the biggest, brightest pictures and ends up skimming the text. I buy cookbooks almost 100% based on their ability to beautifully photograph food. Julia Childs, as much as I love you, your cookbook is hard for me to follow because of the lack of glossy, color photos. Writing for me does not come easy- even in a silly little blog, but we have some news and catching up to do so I'll try my best not to stumble over my words.

Last week Thomas and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. It was a Thursday, and Thursday's are days that Thomas is gone from about 9am to 10pm so we expected nothing special. We had a delightful date planned for the weekend though. At 8:30 am Eden and I kissed Thomas bye (yes, she kisses him goodbye and goodnight now, sometimes with a huge puckered face) and headed off with my friend Katerine and her boys to a mom's group. They took our kids away for two hours, fed us copious amounts of chocolate, and let us participate in a cake decorating contest - of course we TOTALLY won.

Saturday we got our trusty babysitter (who is graduating in May and moving to study Social Work- Boo!) and  headed out for dinner and a movie. Prairie Grass Cafe has been near the top of the long list of restaurants we're anxious to try out- and it was wonderful! Thomas had freshly made deer sausage with lentils and I had crusted Halibut with a barley salad and celery puree- YUMMY. My new favorite thing when at a nice restaurant is to get the fish special (lately I've also had sea bass, walleye, sea scallops). Ah- to have the skills to fetch it fresh daily from the market and cook it to perfection!

After dinner, we checked out Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. It was not my first choice because I was afraid Tim Burton would have warped it to the point of being inappropriate for children/ruin a childhood classic (albeit one that is warped and twisted on it's own). I was pleasantly surprised that it had a clear theme of good versus evil and distanced itself enough from the classic story that it did not replace all the old images I enjoyed with unfamiliar ones. Oh, and it has a wonderful dose of girl power. If you plan on taking really young children I still might proceed with caution. After the movie, we quickly ran through Whole Foods at closing time, grabbed two small delicious looking deserts (tiramisu and rhubarb custard), tipped the nice cashier with some fruit leather, and headed home to pop some bubbly and toast to 4 years.

Since then it's been nose to the grindstone for Thomas, tons of crafting for me, and a bit of the sniffles for Eden.  I'm having fun with my new camera and there will be well documented projects for your enjoyment soon!

I can't help it! I have to throw in some pics:

We've ditched Eden's tray to let her join the table. She approves:

And she wants to learn how to use chopsticks:

Eden takes Princess Pink baths:

And loves the color green:

I promise I took some pics that are not of Eden and will share them soon!


  1. Oh' Our little hobbit is growing so preciously.

  2. Congrats on winning the cake contest, and happy anniversary!! I love the photo of Eden in green (my fav color) ...too cute!! (And i see the cam and you are getting along nicely!)

  3. If my kid is half as cute as your's, I will be happy!