Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts for Grown Ups

I know this comes too late for it to really affect any of your Christmas shopping, but it seemed like a good time to share some of my favorite only goodies. This Adult Gift Guide is the first in a series of four. Enjoy!


The Nimbus Factory Wall Calendar
Not only is this wall calendar super cute, it's really inexpensive! The Nimbus Factory has tons of other cute paper goods.

Skinit Natural Wood Laptop Skin
This strikes me as a cool gift for a guy who has everything. There are a lot of different wood tones from which to choose.

Hand Embroidered Jewelry from Spin Thread
 Although they take forever to arrive because they are stitched meticulously by hand after being ordered, the geometric patterned jewelry from Spin Thread is well worth the wait. Check out her site to see her awesome bracelets.

Thomas and I have a ton of records and one broken record player. This is the most adorable record player I've ever seen. I can just picture it at a picnic in the woods with some big band playing. 

Garlands of Grace Headband
These look super comfy and cute, and there are lots of colors and styles.

The Wheatfield Be Filled with Joy
 I LOVE everything The Wheatfield prints and had a really hard time narrowing down which print to show you. You MUST go to her shop and check it out. It's on my adult gift list, but I think her prints are also perfect for a nursery.

Who knows why I am so attracted to the waist down paintings by Janet Hill Studios. The hair and makeup from the 40s and 50s was pretty awesome, but nothing beats the full a-line skirt and cute hi-heels. 
Check out the full series in her shop.

At Renegade Craft Fair I scored a few Rifle Paper Company cards and have been stalking them ever since. It's like Sufjan Steven's older music set to stationary. Their aesthetic is brilliant.


I'm waiting for Thomas to bring back the bow tie.

Anybody have a great gift idea that they don't have a recipient for, but still want to share?

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