Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gifts for Kids

We're leaving for Texas in less than two days. There are barely any clean clothes in the house, the fridge needs to be cleaned out, one handmade present needs a lot of work, three more presents need wrapping, nothing has been packed, no lists have been made (well, except this one), and I have no motivation. Don't get me wrong, I am really ready for this trip, ready to see family. Usually I pack a week out, *trying* to control everything. This year I am just letting what happens happen. We'll see how that pans out ;). Did I mention we are going to a movie tomorrow?

So instead of chipping away at the millions of tasks that need to be done I'm going to give you the second installment of my "gift guide" aka really cool stuff I've bookmarked and want to share. This is for the kiddos!
(speaking of kiddos, does everyone know by now that I am the happy expectant Aunt for triplets?? congrats again Paul and Michelle!!). 

Love Mae Reusable Wall Stickers
These are the CUTEST things in the world. This is actually reusable FABRIC wall stickers. Shown below is the summer collection, but there are many more.

 Giddy Up and Grow Headbands

I have grown very fond of working with felt and there is a lot of inspiration in the Giddy Up and Grow shop. If only Eden liked headbands!

Artwork from Hsinping
If we're ever blessed with a little boy I would love to do twilight, outdoors  decor in his room. These colors are exactly what I've imagined.

Little Bird Designs Baking Set
The sweet little fabric in this set is adorable. It reminds me of the Sanrio stationary I loved as a kid.

Sweet Pea Toads Hats
You absolutely have to visit Sweet Pea Toad's Etsy shop and check out the lion. Can't you just picture three little chubby babies in nothing but diapers and these animal hats??

Bugaloo Soft Leather Shoes
Eden had a couple pairs of these Bugaloo shoes when she first started walking. I cannot overstate how great they are for those first steps, and they are much cheaper than the name brand options.

Lily and Thistle Customized MiniMe Paper Dolls
When I was little I was obsessed with paper dolls. These would have left me speechless, or squealing and jumping as 11 year olds do so well.

Bla Bla Dolls
Oh grandparents do love to spoil. Eden is the lucky recipient of a Bla Bla Doll. She has a princess and she LOVES it. They are incredibly soft, very high quality, wash well, and who doesn't love the funky design?? The foxes are the cutest for little boys.

Land of Nod Tower of Babble Nesting Blocks
 A sweet friend of Eden's let her borrow the Melissa & Doug set of Alphabet nesting blocks. She was quite entertained. You could see the gears turning as she learned which blocks were bigger and how to stack them. The tower gets to be about her height. This set from Land of Nod has lovely graphics.

Pottery Barn Kids Jumbo Fun on the Farm Stacker
 When I first saw this I wished for one minute that my daughter would be one year younger so this could be her Christmas present, but then I remembered that she can talk and walk. Still, this is pretty awesome.

How to Behave and Why
This on the other hand is PERFECT for Eden's age. Anthropologie carries three reprinted manners for children books.  It almost makes me believe that teaching a toddler good habits could be fun.
Next up, gifts to make!

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  1. Adorable picks, I love kids things! Toys are my favorite things to make!