Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Baby Book of Sorts

Nicole from Making It Lovely (a local Chicago blogger who has great style) has been chronicling the life of her first child for 4-6 weeks before her second child is born. I love the concept of attaching brief phrases with iconic pictures of her daughter's daily habits, and thought it might help me capture my own memories of Eden.

Here is where I admit the AWFUL truth that I have not really kept a baby book for Eden. I'm not a journaler in the traditional sense. I like taking pictures that help me visually remember what our life has been like- I'm a sucker for nostalgia. I'm not nearly as interested in when Eden first laughed, smiled or rolled over as I am in remembering the face she would make just before nursing or the funny way she said meeetins instead of mittens. I know I know, when/if she has kids of her own she'll probably ask about all the milestones and doctors notes and she can be mad at me then, but I will have thousands of pictures for her to compare to her future children.

If I keep up with this little project, it may become a blurb book, but in the meantime you can expect more cute little nibbles of Eden's daily quirks and routines. 

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  1. I follow Make It Lovely, too, and totally loved that idea! I hope to see more of little Eden!