Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day

Over the holidays my sister gave me a quick tutorial on editing photos. I'll never be a great photographer, but I used to think I would never get anything more than a blurry picture! Some artist, huh? Thanks to her hand me down camera and photoshop tips, I now really enjoy documenting our lives. And you thought this blog was picture heavy before!!

Speaking of my sister the great photographer, did you notice the new blog layout? It's a lot cleaner and more my style. The fantastic family photos in the header are courtesy of Jill who always treats us to a photo shoot when we're together at Christmas. We're so spoiled! You can check out her other great work on her website.

Here is our day (well, yesterday) in photos.

Music in the morning.

Then working on our letters.

A quick errand to Target for milk landed me a fun new project (more to come later).

Playing with big and little princesses,

And our music box.

Making Trader Joe's Instant Pudding after lunch.

Working on our alphabet after lunch.

Making Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Rum Sauce during Eden's nap. We were given some stale Italian bread for free, perfect timing for a dessert to take to our house group.

Sick kiddo. Eden and I missed house group because she woke up from her nap feverish and coughing.

Big girl hairdos. Eden's hair is now long enough to put into a french twist. Too cute!! Especially when she's soaking in a bubble bath. Quite the classy girl. It definitely helped her feel better.

Eden is feeling a bit better today, although her toddler emotions are on a bit of a huge roller coaster. I'm looking forward to spending some time with Thomas tonight. The beginnings of our week are very busy in the evenings. Wednesday is always such a nice lull. Happy evening to you all!


  1. These are FANTASTIC!! You are so much better at photography than you give yourself credit for, and far better than I was in the beginning. :) Any resources/time I send your way have paid off 100 fold in getting to see all these photos of your life and watching Eden grow up. :)

    Love the new blog header. :-) And Eden is very sophisticated with that french twist! If only I could ever get that to stick in my hair!