Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Christmas Crafting

These are the last two Christmas projects I have to share. We draw names in Thomas' family amongst the siblings. This year I drew my sister-in-law Emily. She is a sorority member in Delta Gamma, and their symbol is an anchor (for hope). So she collects anchors. As much as I would have loved to give her this (she is quite a classy gal) it wasn't quite in the budget. Luckily, blank stationary is also always in style.

Sewing onto cards has been on my to do list for a while and it turned out really well! This is just what it sounds like, sewing onto a blank card with your sewing machine. It's simple and easy (as long as you don't sew the card shut, ahem).

Some of the fabrics were even left over from her high school graduation quilt. Luckily the sorority colors are pink and blue, which happen to be just her style. It can be difficult to find a handmade gift for someone who's style is on the other end of the spectrum from handmade chic, but these are so adaptable I think they would fit anyone.

My last gift took the most time, hands down. I literally sewed all the way to Texas and then 3 hours after we got there, and I was over halfway done before the trip began! Last Christmas my parents gave me Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin. There are so many inspiring projects, and this one was perfect for my mom. 

This shawl is made from deconstructed t-shirts, but still has such a luxury about it.  

The applique is attached using upholstery thread, which gives the knit material some much needed stability, but it knots up terribly. Did I mention this took forever?

I think it's a wonderful weight for a Texas shawl, and it will go with everything from blue jeans to a dress.

Anyone make a handmade Christmas gift?