Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Happy Fathers Day to a WONDERFUL guy :). Thomas works so hard and still always has tons of time for me and Eden. I can't even comprehend the responsibility he has right now: deciding his Fall schedule (which sets the course for his future PhD and career because he has to choose which ancient language to specialize), finding and applying to PhD programs, learning French, not un-learning Hebrew, researching everything there is to know about the site he leaves for in Israel in a week, creating Sunday school curriculum. These decisions will affect the future of our family in a big way, where we'll live in 1 year and also in 5 years, what kind of career he might have, etc, but they are decisions he ultimately has to make on his own. WOW. I just have to decide what's for dinner and I struggle :). He does it all with strength and still supports the community around him whenever there's a need. He even cooked dinner twice last week. Oh, and let's not forget he's quite handsome :). That doesn't really effect his fathering, but it's still true. Eden is blessed to have a father with family as such a high priority, who is patient with her, and makes her butterfly wings when she asks.

Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers Day

Fathers Day