Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The pure wishes of a child :)

Today Eden and I talked a lot about Israel. Thomas will be flying there next Thursday and I wanted her to understand a bit about where he was going. We got out a world map and looked at where we live, where Texas is, and then where Israel is. We discussed that this is where Jesus was born. Next she wanted to look up a picture of Jesus. After discussing that we have no real pictures, Thomas found an image that would probably be fairly accurate to appease her curiosity.
Several hours later at the dinner table Eden started pretending that she was an airplane. She explained it held lots of people and could fly her to Texas and fly Daddy to where Jesus was born.
Then she looked up at me and exclaimed "Mommy! I want to see Jesus!"
I'm so happy you do baby girl, and I often pray hard that you have that passion for a very long time.

Oh and here's a cute picture, because, why not?


  1. =) thanks for the smile plastered on my face. i miss her! she looks so mature in this picture. and those eyes!

  2. Such a truly beautiful blog, in every way. Love to the Middlebrooks, met and unmet.