Tuesday, August 16, 2011

While thomas was gone

Most of you know that between June 30 and August 7 Thomas was home for a mere 72 hours. Thankfully, for a week of that we were with him in Texas. I'm getting the question "what did you and Eden DO while Thomas was gone?" a lot, so I'm answering it here in the easiest way possible- a picture guide.
We played inside a lot because it was actually pretty hot in Illinois. Eden has started to play Mommy :).

Eden had a GREAT babysitter that allowed me to get a lot of work done and have some time to myself. The greatness of this sitter can best be described by the chalkboard drawing I found upon returning home from a Harry Potter matinee (and yes, movies by yourself can be awesome, especially when air conditioning is involved). Unfortunately she has returned to Georgia where she is a senior in college. I'm crossing my fingers that she lands her dream job in Chicago when she graduates in December. 
We also experimented with making new crayons using old broken pieces and IKEA silicone ice cube trays. The hearts turned out great, all the star points broke off.

We played outside a lot. I have flowers, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini which I've managed to keep alive all summer!

We went to our favorite park in Glenview and played in a pool in our backyard.

Eden got her first bike, fun! We're still getting the hang of things, but have somehow managed to avoid serious injury thus far. She was also given a bubble machine from our really sweet neighbors.

In another first, she got a haircut! I started pestering her about getting one in March, and until one random day the week Thomas left for Israel, she was terrified of the idea. Thankfully, it was a great experience complete with an Angelina movie, balloon, and new headband.

So grownup! I love it :) and am already looking forward to the next one.

We took a lot of walks and spent a lot of time at Arriva Dolce- a new coffee/gelato shop in Highland Park. I've complained before that there was not a decent replacement for Java Jacks in our area- it's all starbucks and a couple non kid friendly local joints. Though I know nothing well ever replace JJ, this place is probably as close as I'll get. Best scones ever, good coffee, high chairs, close, lots of parking, nice baristas, and awesome atmosphere. Local people go and support them!!

I did manage to steal away one afternoon to explore part of the city. After reading Eat Shop Chicago I chose Andersonville as a place I could simply meander. In hindsight I wish I had done the Magnificent Mile, Logan Square, Lincoln Park, but I did have a pretty awesome lunch at Big Jones and an overall wonderfully relaxing time. I would like to do this again sometime. Anybody have a favorite Chicago neighborhood for walking around (cute shops, coffee, good lunch spot, art boutiques, etc)?

I finished this book and this book. Rearranged the living room. Ate a lot of toddler food. Went to Galveston sans Eden and spent two wonderful days with my best friends in the world. Mostly tried to do a lot to minimize missing Thomas- but of course it didn't work. We are very glad to have him back and I'll start pestering him to share some of his Israel trip on our blog!

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  1. Oh what adorable photos!! Sounds like you and Eden had a wonderful summer. :)